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N(I)elsen / Jensen Family

Thomas Jensen Family History
Thomas and Hansina Jensen Family Organization
First Edition published by the Thomas Jensen Family Organization in 1982
Reissued as an electronic edition in 2003 by Stewart Wyatt

COVER PHOTO: (The family of Thomas & Hansina Marie Jensen --taken October 12, 1917 in Preston, Idaho)
Top Row: Pearl, Lillie, Daniel, Harry, Frank, *Jens Rasmussen
Second Row: Irene, Ferdinand, Dorothy (Jim's wife), Mary (Hans' wife), Hans, Chester, Arvil
Third Row: Blanche, James P. Rasmussen. Sarah holding Inez, Grandmother Hansina, Grandfather Thomas, Christena holding Farrel, Wilhelm holding Verda
Kneeling Row: Ellen, James Floyd, Iona, Dewey, Eveleen, Mark, Ruby, Weldon, Ivy
Seated In Front: Harvey, Valeda, Freaman, Marie, Leeral, Thomas *Jens Rasmussen (top right corner)
doesn't really belong in this photograph. He was Sarah's father-in-law. The story goes that he came out of the house and strolled into the picture just as the photographer clicked the shutter.

It is with great pleasure that we present the history of Thomas andHansina Marie Jensen and their children. The first section focuses onThomas and his wife Hansina while the remainder is devoted to their children.
Two of their children, Ezra and Hannah, died just after birth and sonothing is written of them.
Credit for this work is gratefully given to those who helped write various histories and supplied priceless photographs. A special thanks to Lillie Kofoed, Carol Glad, Blanche Nelson, Ivy Parker, Amy Allred, Anna Beth Campbell, Carolyn Wyatt, and Ivonne Rigby.
This has been an exciting effort. We hope you, the reader, find joy, humor, inspiration and great love as you read about these noble ancestors.
John J. Campbell, 1982

The advancement of technology provided a means of making the ThomasJensen Family History easier to copy and distribute as well asimproving the quality of the pictures. The first edition text has beenscanned and processed by optical character recognition softwarecreating a computer file of the text in Microsoft Word 2000 format foreach of the histories. Likewise original photographs available to the editor have been scanned to create jpeg computer files that have been inserted into the histories. A single file containing the text and the pictures for each of the histories has been created. The resulting file has been converted to Adobe Acrobat pdf (portable data format) for ease in distribution as an email or Internet ready file that can be viewed or printed from a personal computer.
Some minor editing was done as the word processing program marked spelling, punctuation and simple grammar errors. Supplemental information was appended to the history of Thomas and Hansina Jensen. A letter was added to Harry Jensens history (this editors grandfather) that Harry wrote shortly before his death. The picture selection was limited to those available to the editor.
A brief history of Mink Creek was also included. It was written by Frank Jensen in his capacity as Ward Clerk and placed in a box in the newly completed Mink Creek Church on August 1, 1929. The history provides a list of ward officers that includes many members of the Jensen family.
Peggy Gyllenskog provided some information on the ancestors of Thomas and Hansina that she has discovered while doing genealogy research on the Jensen line.
The year 2000 marked the 150 anniversary of the arrival of the first LDS missionaries in Denmark. The Mormon Historical Association marked the occasion by holding its annual meetings in Denmark. The meetings were split between Copenhagen and Aalborg. Descendents of Thomas and Hansina attending the conference included Lael J. Littke and her niece Peggy Gyllenskog, Carolyn J. Wyatt, her husband Clair Wyatt, and son Stewart Wyatt (this editor) and his wife, Denise Wyatt. One day in Aalborg, we rented a car and drove around Hjorring using Laels map and Peggys family history records and located each of the parish churches where Thomas, Hansina and their immediate ancestors were christened. It was a beautiful day and a few pictures taken that day have been included here and in history of Thomas and Hansina. The Hjorring area, where Thomas and Hansina Jensens family was from and where Thomas served as a missionary, was the most successful missionary area in Europe during the first century of the church based on the percent of residents converted. It was reported that some areas in Hjorring were nearly depopulated by the conversion and emigration of its residents. Lael J. Littke, Judy McDougal, Stewart Wyatt and Carolyn Wyatt provided the historical pictures. Scott Wyatt took the Mink Creek Scenic pictures.
Stewart R Wyatt
Boise, Idaho February 2003

Thomas and Hansina Marie Jensen Descendents

Eliza Kirstine Married Nels Christian Jensen Children
1. Irene Married Ferdinand Christensen
2. Pearl Married William Carl Hall
3. Lillie Married Eugene Adam Kofoed

Christena Married Erastus Wilhelm RasmussenChildren
1. Blanche married Leo Nelson
2. Weldon Married Edna Olsen
3. Ruby Married Jerald Nelson
4. Verda Married Herbert Wagstaff
5. Farrel Married Dale Bennett

James Thomas Married Dorthea (Dora) Christensen Children
1. Arvil Thomas Married Roma Lee(Died) Married Mary Nicholsen
2. Ellen Ida Married Zenos Black
3. Ivy Dora Married David G.Parker
4. Freaman Married Norma Hanni Boyack

Hans Christian Married Mary Christensen Children
1. Iona Married Loren Black
2. Chester (Died as a youth)
3. Mark Married Edna Ostergaar
4. Tom Married Vera Smith
5. Leeral Married Naomi Seamons
6. Valeda Married Jay Angus
7. Mary Married Dwayne Thornock

Hans Christian Married Dorthea (Dora) C. Jensen Children
1. Lynn Joseph
2. Rex Lyman--Married Nelda Harris
3. Elgin Calvin--Married Hulda Izatt Hyde Wardell
4. Vera Elaine Married Delbert Mecham
5. Donna--Married Stanley Peterson

Sarah Married James Peter Rasmussen Children
1. James Floyd
2. Dewey Married Fern Wicham
3. Eveleen Married Emil Albrecht
4. Harvey Hans Married Ramona Talbot
5. Marie (Died as a young adult)
6. Inez Sophia Married Melvin Palmer(died) Married James Fitzjarrold
7. Verdell Married Garth B. Williams
8. Karma Married John F. Bersee
9. Glen Joseph Married Delpha Bronson(died) Married Margaret Judkins Thompson
10. Amy Ivonne Married Harold H. Pringle (Divorced) Married LaVoy C. Allred

Daniel Married Anita Mahalia Peterson Children
1. Wayne (Died as a young man)
2. Joan Married John A. Soelberg
3. Reed Married Gloria Nelson
4. Anna Beth Married Jay J. Campbell (divorced)
5. Tony Ray Married Nola Ann Humble
6. Marie Married Douglas Gambles
7. Tamara Married David Phelps
8.Ezra (Died as a Child)

Harry Married Rosetta Nelson Children
I. Margie Married John Worley
2. Rodney Married Virginia Seamons
3. Max Married Helma Orton(died) Married Marie Larsen
4. Juanita Married Madison Morrell
5. Opal (Died as a child)
6. Carolyn Married Clair Wyatt
7. Coralie Married Robert Morrow
8. Harry, Jr. (Died as a child)
8. Hannah (Died as a child)

Frank George Married Ada Geneva Petersen Children
1. Ivonne Married Alma Bartlett Rigby
2. Varon Married Evelyn Coomb
3. Lael Married George C. Littke
4. George F.

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