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A Brief History of the Mink Creek Ward

Oneida Stake
Written in 1929 by Frank Jensen, Ward Clerk

[Editor’s Note: Frank Jensen wrote this history in his capacity as Mink Creek Ward Clerk during the construction of the Mink Creek Church in 1929. It was placed in a box in the cornerstone of the building on August 1, 1929. It was discovered when the building while the building was being remodeled between 1985 and 1987. The following transcription was made from a photocopy of poor quality.]
In the summer of 1870, Thedore Keller, John Olsen and a few other young men looking for homes left Mantua, Utah, went up through Logan canyon and down through Emigration canyon, and came to what is now the village of Mink Creek. Mink Creek field.
Things did not look the best to them there, but on their return, Grandpa James M Keller Sr questioned Thedore, and he said there was a place that might make an ideal cattle ranch as there was plenty of feed and water.
In the fall of 1871 James M Keller Sr and three sons Thedore, William and James came and built a small cabin near where J Hyrum Bell now lives, William and James stayed here most of that winter.
In the spring of 1872 James M. Keller Sr came back with his wife Karen and two sons Thedore and James M. Keller Jr. and joined William and James. The[y] built an additional cabin and plowed and sowed the first piece of grain.
Hans Larsen and family were the next settlers.
Others of the early settlers were:-
Rasmus Rasmussen Sr and wife Anna
. Hans L Nelson and wife Stena.
James Rasmussen and wife Sophia.
Nels Sorenson and wife Karren
Jacob Jensen and wife Kerstrine.
Hans Rasmussen and wife Emma and his wife’s parents Christian Rasmussen and wife Christena
Thomson and wife
James Larsen and wife, Eskel Eskelson + wife Minnie
Mads Hansen and wife Anna.Thomas Jensen and wife Sine
James Larsen and wife Bodel. Ephraim Peterson and his wife Christena, and his wifes parents Nels Christensen and wife.
Hans Petersen and wife Maria. Rasmus J Rasmussen and wife, John Rasmussen and wife and their parents.
On Sept 10 1876 a branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was organized, with Rasmus Rasmussen as presiding Elder. This branch was organized into a ward July 17, 1877. Rasmus Rasmussen sr was the first bishop.
During this time the first meeting house was built, a one room log building, the benches were large slabs with two wooden pegs in each end. This also served as a school house. It was later moved down to Glencoe where it was used for school for many years.
Hans Rasmussen and Charolet Baird were the first school teachers.
Louis Keller was the first white baby born here. He was born on the 27 day of April 1875.
Rasmus Rasmussen Sr was the first missionary called from the Mink Creek Ward and James Keller was the second. While Bp Rasmussen was on a mission Rasmus Petersen was presiding officer in the ward.
In the fall of 1890 Bp Rasmus Rasmussen Sr called on the saints to build a new meeting house. It was a larger one room stone building. Every member in the ward responded, donating their services in every way, went to canyon and logged out timber, hauled stone and other necessary materials. The building was completed in 1891. Carl Petersen was superintendent of the mason work and Levi Olsen was the architect.
On May 15 1900 Rasmus Rasmussen Sr was released as bishop having served 23 years in that position. His son Rasmus Rasmussen Jr was sustained in his stead, he served 4 years and 2 months and 23 days being released Aug, 7, 1904.
Denmark Jensen was sustained bishop Aug 7, 1904 and served 5 years, 1 mo and 5 days, being released Sept, 12, 1909. James M Keller Jr was the next bishop, he was sustained Sept, 12, 1909, serving 7 years and 11 months.
The ward was divided on Feb, 26, 1910. The south end being organized into what is now the Glencoe Ward, with Louis E. Erickson as bishop.
On Aug, 6 1916, James M Keller Jr was released and Wm E Crane was sustained bishop and is holding that position at the present time.
Bp Rasmus Rasmussen Sr while serving as bishop had the following counselors, Thedore Keller, Hans L Nelson, Jacob Jensen, Nels Graham, Mads Hansen, Rasmus Petersen, John Olsen, James M Keller Jr, Peter Petersen and A. A. Bjorn.
There served as counselors to Rasmus Rasmussen Jr James M Keller and Peter Petersen. Hans Rasmussen, Christian G Christiansen, Torval Keller served as counselor to Bp Denmark Jensen.
There served as counselors to Bp James M Keller Jr, Lewis E Erickson, Laurence B Wilde, Christian G Christiansen, Hans C Nelson, Lewis Keller and Ezra Larsen.
Counselors who served with Bp Wm E Crane, are Norman J Larsen, L Williard Nelson and J Hyrum Bell. L Willard Nelson and J Hyrum Bell serving as counselors at this writing.
The first Superintendent of sunday Hans Rasmussen, James Keller was the first president of Y. M. M. I. A. Christena Keller was the first president Y. L. MIA, she was also the first president of relief society.
In the fall of 1927 Bp Wm E Crane and his associate workers started a long talked off move, to annex a new chapel on to the stone building. A building committee consisting of the Bishopric, and Urias Keller, N. C. Eskelson, Emanuel Keller and Torval Wilde, was chosen and plans were rapidly matured. A. D. Henderson was engaged to superintend the construction. Excavation for the new building began about Mar, 20, 1928, during this operation the stone building colapsed. On May 6, 1928, a mass meeting was called and Bp Crane put the situation before the saints, and it was decided to send a comittee to Salt Lake City, to confer with the First Presidency. Bp Wm E Crane, Urias Keller and A. D. Henderson went down and arrangement was made for the building of joined Chapel and Amusement Hall, at estimated cost of . The church paying fifty percent of the cost.
Minutes of the services held at the laying of the cornerstone of the new chapel, Sept, 24, 1928, under the direction of Bp Wm E Crane. Singing of girls chorus directed by Sisters Margarett Keller, Viola Larsen. Members of the choir were Lera Larson, Porita Neeley, Ellen Bell, Bertha Keller, Lillis Keller, Geneva Keller, Velma Keller, Ida Jepsen, Verda Jepsen, Crystal Keller Zelda Larson, Carma Larsen, Ora Nelson, Golda Crane, Dortha Larsen, Ruby Rasmussen Doris Baird, Ivy Jensen, Lereva Keller, Georgia Petersen. Prayer was offered Wm D Baird.
History of ward to be placed in cornerstone read by clerk Frank G Jensen. Song, male chorus, directed by sister Margarett Keller. Members of this chorus were Junous Larsen, Ezra Larsen, Geo L. Glade, Harold W Glade, Wm D Baird Jr, Jens Charles Christensen, Norman J Larsen, J Theo Bell, Leonard Keller, Darrel A Bell, Basil Crane, Joseph O Nelson, Howard R Nelson, Wenzell Keller, Lionel A Keller, Russel H Nelson, Delbert Keller, Willard Nelson and Truman Rigby.
First speaker Elder Louis Keller, the first white baby born here gave a brief sketch of his life.
Next speaker Rasmus Rasmussen Jr, spoke of the many pleasant experiences he had while being associated with the people of the Mink Creek Ward.
Singing by a male quartet, Ezra Larsen, Junious C Larsen, Geo Glade and Harold W Glade.
Pres Taylor Nelson of Oneida Stake, spoke many words of encouragement on their new undertaking. The cornerstone was layed by Torval C Keller, High Priest, and the oldest member living of the original pioneers, other high priests assisting were: Norman J Larsen, Wm D Baird, Wm E Crane, Urias Keller, Louis E Erickson, J Hyrum Bell, Louis Keller, Lorenzo A Baird, Ezra Larsen, Rasmus Rasmussen Jr, Willard Nelson, Gustave Olsen, Taylor Nelson, Lucious E Crane, Geo Wilcox and A. D. Henderson. Song by the male quartet, “God bless our Mt Home”
A few words of encouragement was given by superintent, A. D. Henderson. Closing remarks by Bp Wm E. Crane.
Benediction by Norman J Larsen
Frank G. Jensen
Ward Clerk.
P. S. Pres. Nelson in his remarks said when completed this building would be second to none in the church of the same tipe [type].
The Corner stone was sealed March [ ] 1929. At this time the roof was completed and the plastering well underway. It is estimated that the building should be finished within sixty days.
Estimate cost per family .00
Frank G Jensen.
Ward Clerk.
Record of Ward Officers
Mar, 3, 1929,
Bishop Wm E Crane. First Counselor L Willard Nelson, Second Counselor J Hyrum Bell, Ward Clerk Frank G Jensen.
“Priests Quorum”
Wm E Crane President
Urias Dockstader secy
“Deacons Quorum”
Wenzell Keller President,
Basil Crane 1st Counselor
Howard R Nelson 2nd Counselor
Laurel Larsen Secretary.
“Sunday School”
Lorenzo S Baird Superintendent.
Norman J Larsen 1st Assistant
Torval Wilde 2nd Assistant.
“Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Assn”
Mahalia Jensen President
Germima Crane 1st Counselor
Thelma Keller 2 Counselor
Lavon Jepsen Secretary.
“Ward Choir”
Junious C Larsen Manager + Choirster
Ellen Persis Hansen Organist.
Genealogical Committee
Adam Keller President
Daniel Jensen 1st Counselor
N. C. Eskelson 2 Counselor
Jens Charles Christiansen Secy.
“Teachers Quorum”
Dwight Wilde President
Paul D. Keller 1st Counselor
Darrel Bell 2nd Counselor
Joseph Smout Secretary.
“Relief Society”
Betrice Larsen President
Albertina Keller 1st Counselor
Clara Keller 2nd Counselor
Annie Wilde Secretary.
“Young Mens Mutual Improvement Assn”
Harry Jensen Superintendent
Wm D Baird Jr 1st Assistant.
Elmo A Keller 2nd Assistant.
Leonard Keller Secy.
“Primary Assn”
Christena Rasmussen President
Lillian Nelson 1st Counselor
Hedvig Nelson 2nd Couselor
Golda Crane Secretary.
“Old Folks Comittee”
Ezra Larsen
N. C. Eskelson
Stake Officers in the Ward.
Mar, 3, 1929,
Page 9 Wm D Baird of the High Council.
Geo L Glade Superintend Y.M.M.I.A.
Christin Hansen. Aid Y.M.M.I.A.
Jens Charles Christensen one of the seven presidents of the seventies.
Marinus W Hansen President sixth quorum of Elders
George Bennett 1st Counselor.
Oscar Wilde 2nd Counselor.
Daniel Jensen Secretary.
Frank G Jensen
Ward Clerk
Placed in the box Aug. 1st 1929.
By W. E. Crane